Woost Training is a technological solution to improve the experience of live trainings sessions for employees, providers and partners, in a quick an easy way through gamification, with the aim of boosting attention and participation.

Get up to 97% attendee satisfaction.

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Gamify your training sessions

Put new energy into your trainings

Prevent your training from being tedious and get help to keep your attendees attention and participation.

Reward participation

Give points to your attendees for performing actions like tweeting through the app with the hashtag you decide or be the first one to answer a question.

Innovate in your classes

Stay up-to-date and create a more collaborative environment with devices all the students have: mobiles, tablets, laptops...

Get up to 97% attendee satisfaction

Design original group dynamics and break with the conventional talks using gamification. Get immediate feedback with the built-in satisfaction survey.

What features do you get?

  • Teams and social networks integration

    Create teams and assign the components with one click. Reward your attendees for commenting on social networks and other actions that are useful for your training.

  • Automatic satisfaction surveys

    Get quick feedback at the end of your training with the built-in and customizable satisfaction survey.

  • High compatibility

    Create, within ten minutes, your web app compatible with all browsers and every internet connected device.

  • Config panel

    Configure each training independently, decide which actions you want to reward (be the first one to arrive, ask a question...). Customize the app for your attendees with your brand.

  • For you

    You will be able to see the participation, interaction and feedback in real time.

  • For your attendees

    They will be able to see their and their team's status in the competition and receive instant notifications at any time that they perform rewarded actions.

Who is Woost Training for?

You will take real advantage of Woost Training if you are:

  • Marketing Manager

  • Training Manager

  • Human Resources Manager

“In an internal meeting with 32 attendees about new procedures, which usually gets tiresome, we decided to use Woost Training to help us boost participation on it. We got 92% participation and more than 130 interactions. The attendees' overall rating for the meeting was 9.8 points out of 10.”


Taking into account the number of users / employees you want
to analyse - choose the plan that best suits your needs:


€1195+ VAT



€6450+ VAT



€24450+ VAT



€39445+ VAT


(Up to 100 attendees each training)

Frequently Asked Questions

When to use Woost Training?

This product is for you if:

  • You have an internal training and you want your employees to be paying attention so that they learn what they need to.

  • You have to give a talk about new procedures to employees or partners that they consider tedious.

  • You want to turn a several days long training into a fun, light and productive experience.

How do you set up Woost Training?

Easily configure the app by:

  • Inserting the list of attendees - group them into teams if necessary.

  • Choosing the actions you want to gamify: ask a question, reply to a question, help a workmate, tweet with the training hashtag...

  • Showing the attendees their and their team's status in real time.

What’s in for me?

It's easy and intuitive:

  • Change the experience: some trainings are plain and boring, with Woost Training you will get your attendees attention and interaction rewarding their activity at any moment.

  • Make dynamic and automate team creation in minutes - giving your attendees coloured stickers is over.

  • Don’t waste more time creating satisfaction surveys: Woost Training has one integrated - you will see the results immediately.

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