Increase your shop assistants' sales.
Train and motivate your sales team and improve your results.

When you use real information, the sales agents get better results.

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Stop your sector's deceleration

Identify the stoppers

Identify wrong encouragement and motivations on your employees.

Set your goals

Every business is different. Choose the KPI's that are important for you.

Train your employees

Make your employees know what is important for reaching the sales goals.

Give feedback about their progress

Give feedback at any time about the KPI's progress. It will be an imcomparable motivation to get better results.

How it works?

  • We analyze your staff

    First, we analyze your employees with our exclusive and registered tool Woost Profiling to better understand their motivations.

  • Set your goals and train

    Identify the important KPI's for your business that your employees need to know about. Training is essential to spread goals and motivate.

  • Customized Storytelling

    According to the profiling results, we'll design a unique and appropriate experience for your team.

  • We'll design interesting challlenges

    Also based on the profiling results, we'll decide what challenges are going to motivate your employees and we'll design an individual or team action.

  • Gather your KPI's status

    Daily, weekly or monthly, gather your KPI's status in relation to your goals.

  • Integration with your systems

    Every business is different, but we'll integrate with your systems so that the KPI's progress feed the experience.

Who is it Woost Retail for?

You will take the most out of Woost Retail if you are:

  • Shop Manager

  • Training Responsible

  • Sales Director

  • HHRR Director

  • Area Manager

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Why Woost Retail?

Improve your results

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