Woost Profiling is the employees profiling tool designed to start up internal projects to get better engagement and motivation.

Rise from 12% to 35% the success rate of your loyalty or gamification project.

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Are you looking for employee engagement?

Do you need a talent management improvement for your company?

The Solution

Woost Profiling suggests concrete actions to get your plan started from the very beginning, discovering personalities and motivation boosters through a simple survey platform and helping you base your plan on real data.

The Outcome

Manage talent more eficiently understanding the motivations of your high potencial profiles. Adapt the talent management to the individual needs.

What features do you get?

Feature Graph
  • Profile segmentation and full report

    Employees segmentation by profiles. Get a full report: kinds of personalities, motivational indexes, risk tolerance, advice to get engagement for each profile...

  • Analytics and results of the study and sub-studies

    See at any time metrics of the general study and get also reports of the sub-studies you choose in function of customized categories (role, department, location...)

  • Help and ideas to prepare your action plan

    The suggestions you need to succesfully execute a plan to improve your organization procedures: increase productivity, improve your recruitment processes...

  • Multilanguage: English and Spanish

    Create your studies for English or Spanish speakers.

Who is Woost Profiling for?

It would be a real help for you if you are:

  • Marketing Manager

  • Commercial Director

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Recruitment Manager

  • Gamification Consultant

What do I use the information I get for?

You can take advantage of this info for:

  • Motivating your commercial team

  • Being successful with your recruitment processes

  • Getting intermediate managers to report metrics

  • Encouraging collaborative team work

“Thanks to Woost Profiling we were right in two selection processes for our company. It has also helped us to know the potential of our people, to know how they can interact to create better synergies and improve the team work.”

Woost Profiling's secret: The Algorithm

Woost Profiling is the result of more than one year investigation in collaboration with Leapvision, Market&Research specialized company, and tested in the market with dozens of our projects.

The profiling has been made from the quantitative study with 503 participants that completed the survey through a CAWI (Computer Assisted Web Interview).

  • Sample: 503 Spanish-speaking internet users currently located in Spain.

  • Sample Error: 4,4%

  • Confidence level: 95%.

  • Segmentation: Segments identified through a K-means cluster analysis. Classification of new cases through Fisher's discriminant functions.

This study is based in different psychological and gamification theories, tested and proved in the last decades:

  • Psychological typology of Jung

  • Myers-Briggs type indicator

  • VAK Model (Visual, Auditive y Kinesthetic)

  • The Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology

  • The Hexad - Andrzej Marczewski

  • User Types in Gamification - Yukai Chau

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target audience?

This product is for you if:

  • You work as a marketing, RRHH or team manager (i.e. a commercial team) and you want to know your team better..

  • You want to step up a project where you need to build loyalty or motivate people involved to optimize results.

  • You want to push a project involving changing the behaviour of people who you barely know.

What is the best plan for me?

Choose a plan based on:

  • Find out the number of employees, department members or users you want to analyze and make sure you select a plan with enough number of surveys.

  • When choosing the study participants, the best is to calculate a significant sample and choose the plan you need taking into account the expected participation.

  • If you want, we can give you advice and help you calculating the number of filled surveys you need to get an accurate result. We always try to get more than 95% of accuracy.

How does all it work?

It's easy and intuitive:

  • The study is based on a survey that is sent via email to the users you have selected beforehand.

  • At the end of the study you will have a complete report with all the results, and web real-time data during all the process.

  • Once you have the information, we will offer recommendations for your next steps if you need them, always with Wonnova's support.

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