Make your events more engaging

Woost Events is a product designed to gamify live events in an easy and quick way. Customize your event to create an unique experience and make an impression in your attendees and speakers giving them a funny gamification solution to boost networking and participation. They won't forget your event!

Create a different and funny experience for your events
Make your attendees interact with others
Give your sponsors more importance and visibility
Get your attendees to speak very highly about your event
Keep interest and focus all along the event
What is Woost Events?
"Woost events is a product that will allow you to gamify your attendees experience without downloads and in a completely costumized way"
Woost events offers you:
How does Woost Events work?
Create the event web site in a visual and easy way through the control panel.
The attendees will be able to access the web site and see their activity at any moment.
Interaction and participation will be improved and your sponsors will have more visibility.
Ready to start?
  • Offer a different experiente to your attendees.
  • Get new leads and renew your agenda.
  • Differenciate yourself.
  • Speak and interact with the other attendees, speakers and sponsors.
  • Don't just stand there! your participation will be key to the event.
  • Participate and win. The more active you are, the more points you gain.

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