Turn your employees into Social Brand Ambassadors and let them be your best brand referral in social networks.
Get positive internal buzz and improve the working atmosphere within your company.

41% people think employees are the most reliable source of information when they talk about their companies.

Your team, your best brand ambassadors

Motivate your employees to tell things about your brand and reward them with virtual or real prizes or a mission with charity purposes.

Your employees receive more credit for their words than the Communication Department, the CEO or the company founder.

Analyze first your employees with our profiling tool to understand their real motivations. Not all of us are the same neither we have the same concerns. It is necessary to know the audience to find proper challenges and rewards.

Social recommendations lead to 26% of sales and in 40% of the cases people look for social networks reviews before buying.
Besides, the target grows as the third part of the influence reaches unknown people.

How it Works

  • First, we analyze your employees with our exclusive and registered tool Woost Profiling to better understand their motivations.

  • It is neccesary to know your employees' profile in order to make the strategy work.

  • We design a personalized plan for your company that fits your product or service and your corporation's culture.

  • We decide which social networks are the most appropriate and what challenges we'll use to create a solid experience with individual o group dynamics based on different social networks.

  • You can insert a few elements within your intranet/website or we create a personalized web app for you.

  • We help you out with the communication strategy and we measure and report everything that happens.

Who is Woost Ambassadors for?

You will take the most out of Woost Ambassadors if you are:

  • Human Resources Manager

  • Marketing Manager

  • Communication Manager

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