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Case study: Correos

Jordi Escruela

Deputy Director of Innovation at Correos

"With Wonnova's help we successfully involved all our staff by using gamification and this also meant a significant saving for the company."

The challenge

Correos is launching a new website and they want to check that all the contents are right. In order to do that, they ask consulting companies for estimations to review the 25,000 pages on the website but the process would take 4 months and the cost would be pretty high. At the same time, Correos contacts Wonnova searching for innovative alternatives to that process and Wonnova proposes to involve Correos' employees through gamification mechanics and, for 13 days, let them search for improvements on the new website because they know best about the contents.

The Process

Using simple gamification mechanics it was possible to make the employees participate and propose improvements for the new website.


Wonnova develops a site that employees access to report improvements and they appear in a ranking according to the number of reports they send and the degree of involvement. They gained points for effort, for getting to know the game rules, for sending reports and for finding a high number of improvements.


When the process closed 13 days later, the three employees with the most points won a tablet computer and a holiday. In adittion, since Correos employees are spread across different geographical zones, the best of each zone won a price too. The first 700 contestants in the ranking also received a small corporater prize.


With over 1,700 participants, the solution was a success. They achieved more than 50,000 improvement proposals, 160,000 reviewed pages and over 30% of the proposals were valid. They saved 70% in costs and all that in just 13 days!

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